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Minnetonka Homes, Condos and Real Estate

With its rich history dating back to the Louisiana Purchase and its boom years during the Industrial Revolution, the city of Minnetonka has grown into a vibrant and friendly community in the Midwest. Minnetonka shares its name with Lake Minnetonka, but the city is just a small village on Gray’s Bay on Minnehaha Creek. It can be found just eight miles west of Minneapolis, and as the 14th largest city in Minnesota, it boasts a diverse population of over 50,000 residents. Minnetonka homes for sale can be found in local and regional MLS listings, and a Minnesota real estate agent can help make the search for an ideal home an easy process.

Minnetonka offers a wealth of opportunities for all residents, and has become an attractive place for families, singles and couples alike. Minnetonka homes and condos cater to a variety of tastes, and each neighborhood in the area has easy access to several community amenities. Minnetonka is home to several parks and recreation facilities, a strong public education system, an active community and local government, and a thriving business sector. Residents can take part in several community events, festivals and gatherings that take place in the unique neighborhoods scattered across the city. Local community developments are managed by the city council, and residents are able to take part in several key decisions and policies that affect their city.

Finding a Minnetonka property that complements your lifestyle is easy with the help of a realtor who has up-to-date information on the local real estate market and can help you keep track of MLS listings in the area.

Real estate in Minnetonka continues to grow at a healthy rate despite the country’s fluctuating economy and ongoing price shifts. Single family homes, condos and even apartments are priced at affordable rates and the standard of living in Minnetonka continues to be higher-than-average compared to other cities and towns across Minnesota. Attractive and affordable properties around the lake continue to be popular choices for the new homeowner.

When you’re ready to find a home in the city of Minnetonka, you can begin your search by reviewing MLS listings online for Minnetonka Minnesota real estate. These may include in-depth descriptions of the property, photo galleries and slideshows that give you a better overview of available properties. Working with a professional real estate agent who is familiar with the area and can identify your key needs can also help you find the ideal match for you and your family.


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